Transforming Supported Housing through Technology

Supported housing organisations across the UK have become aware of the continuous increase of population with complex needs needing to be housed in supported environments.

Supported Housing Organisations have become aware of the growing opportunities that the sector is creating for them. Year after year, the population demanding for supported housing is increasing. As per 2016 Research Report commissioned by Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Communities & Local Government established of the reasons for this increase:

  1. The population of people with learning disabilities is slowly increasing due to medical advances, which have led to higher survival rates at birth and longer life expectancy.

  2. There has been a trend amongst local authorities to reduce the use of residential care. One way in which this is being achieved is working with providers to change the status of residential care homes to become supported housing.

  3. Delayed hospital discharges for older people, often caused by issues with access to suitable housing.

  4. Increased numbers of rough sleepers.

  5. Greater awareness of domestic violence services by women and a more proactive approach to encouraging reports of domestic violence.

  6. As a consequence of this demand, local authorities are looking fast solutions to this demands, and they willing to commission projects to solve this demands.

Even that the opportunities are there, many supported housing companies have realised that they may not have the capacity to grow fast enough to responds to this call and grow as fast as the demand.

The solution to this challenge is Digital Transformation, giving special attention to technology that will play a key role in delivering it, helping organisations to improve on efficiency, deliver significantly better support and introducing a unique personalised centric approach to support service users

Technology has already transformed sectors such as banking, manufacturing, transportation and many others, becoming a fundamental part of their core, but the supported housing sector has yet not been able to benefit from these developments. The reality is that the supported housing sector is playing a catch up game with these industries.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about re-imagining your business and bringing together people,date and processes to create value for your customers,getting the best out of your employess and maintaining a competitive advantage

Client Engagement: Harness data and draw on insight to provide a personalised service,ensuring your customer remains at the heart of your business.

Employee Empowerment: Help your employees achieve their best by creating an intelligent,secure and flexible digital workplace.

Operational Efficiencies: Break down the silos between data,systems and applications to transform and accelerate your processes.

Business Innovation: Stay ahead of the game by capturing new opportunities,using technology as the enabler to shift from being reactive to proactive.

Our Approach

We see technology transforming supported housing in three key areas: Delivering Support, Managing Logistics and Empowering End User. Taken together, these support the realisation of a supported housing system that can meet the challenges of the future with confidence.

Delivering support - Consulting and monitoring service users needs in new ways. Using platforms, for example, to help organisations to provide centric support to their service users from a centralised place, where multidisciplinary teams are informed and coordinated, and service users informed and in control of their own support needs.

Managing Logistics - Technology creates efficiency managing service users through their recovery journey, for example, by automating referrals and notifications, managing task and digitalising forms.

Empowering End User - Technologies help to focus on empowering service users to manage their own wellbeing, giving them access to control their own information through apps and online communities that helps to improve preventative actions and lifestyle choices.

Our Experience

We want better supported housing, sooner rather than later as the potentialities are available. New technologies, new ideas, new possibilities. However, many challenges; budget cuts, increase of population with complex needs and not able to respond to demand.

At Aryaz, we are specialist in the supported housing sector, and we have a deep understanding on the dynamics of the sector to be able to design and deliver the finest solutions, focusing on delivering outcomes that make real changes on your organisational cost and service users recovery. We are working with companies to draw their success in this changing sector, delivering transformation with bespoke operational digital systems and giving strategic support to organisations on convening different parts of the system to solved problems.

How can we help

But, understanding where to start can be challenging. Aryaz can facilitate this arduos process by partnering with you to deliver in your organisation this yearned technologic change. However, we understand the need of managing costs as a crucial matter, and we can support any organisation to accomplish the technological change.

We offer from a generic platform specifically design to accomplish the supported housing sector needs to a more personalised platform done via our consulting services, always depending how far you want to go.

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